Sunday, 6 September 2015

Bye bye Charming Compass and hello to Let's Makeup Belle

I've been thinking about doing this for a while now and as I'm beginning to pull together more content on a regular basis I'm finding a lot more passion tapping from my fingers straight to keypad.  This spurred me on to rethink both my blog name, it was time for a change, so allow me to introduce...

Let's Makeup Belle.

A name which took Team Sneds a fair few clock ticks to think of, but I wanted something which related more to Beauty as that's my primary topic in this cyber space, with Belle meaning 'beautiful' in French.

So feel free to take a spin round the new site and make sure to tell people you know that Charming Compass is no more, but Let's Makeup Belle is here, bigger and better than ever!!

Thank you to each and every one for reading my blog and for taking the time to subscribe to me on Instagram and Twitter, it means the absolute world, so thank you wonderfully beautiful humans for making me smile and encouraging me to keep writing in this little spot on the tinterweb.

Big hugs and sloppy kisses to each and every one of you...

*Smooches* xo

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