Monday, 27 April 2015

Weekly makeup additions #8

As the weather is heating up for us here in the UK I've decided to slowly begin incorporating cream products in to my everyday makeup routine, along with the usual powders of course.  These just make me feel a little bit more optimistic that the sun has finally landed!!

Hourglass is one of my favourite cosmetic lines out there and the Limited Edition Ambient Lighting Palette had me hook line and completely sunk in love.  Comprised of three beautiful individual powders, working from left to right, allow me to introduce Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light.  The first two are the ones I shall be putting to my face this week, Dim Light as a setting powder for under my eyes and Incandescent for adding the most quite literally iridescent glow to my cheekbones.  Unfortunately my go to +Space NK apothecary or +John Lewis doesn't have this in stock anymore ...

+ARDENCY INN TV hold in my opinion some of the world's greatest eyeshadows created on the whole entire planet.  Their pigmentation surpasses others, the formulation is so incredibly creamy and they last, boy do they last all day long, we're talking sweaty sweaty gym work out, the works...  The two I've pulled from my collection are Copper (left above) and Heaven (right above).  Available from +Sephora if you're able to get your hands on these, don't miss out!!  Can you tell yet?  I freaking LOVE these!

If you've been following my blog since +Charlotte Tilbury launched her show stopping line you'll know she's my holy grail source of all things make-up and with the days getting warmer my favourite cream products are creeping back in.  The Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks are my go to throughout the Summer, the ease to use, throw in your bag whilst on the go and all the five shades in the range are magnificent but I'm reaching for Ibiza and Las Salinas.  With Ibiza adding the perfect sunkissed bronze finish and Las Salinas that rosy flushed cheek colour we're on the road to Summer folks, on the road!!

See you same time, same place next week you lovely readers you!



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