Saturday, 4 April 2015

Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque : Raspberry Pink and Daring Fuschia

+BourjoisUK . have set fierce competition with liquid lipsticks with the Velvet Edition, however now they've thrown a new collection in to our eyes, Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque which promise a multitude of ideals, but do they live up to the bold claims?

A liquid lipstick promising a ridiculously high shine, hydration and no bleeding, now then that's a lot to state so let's get down to it with 04 Raspberry Pink (a muted purple) and 07 Daring Fuschia (a vibrant red/pink).
Don't get me wrong, the Velvet Edition form Bourjois were incredible, the pigmentation and longevity hit the spot, but for me I prefer the glossy lip and I may have just found not only my favourite drugstore lip product, but one of my favourite lip products out there.

First off is the packaging which has a beautiful metallic chrome lid which to me oozes flirty, fun and sassy, something which makes it look luxurious in that makeup bag.  Then we have the applicator itself, why fix something that ain't broken right?  That's why it's the same as in the Velvet Edition, badaboom badabing.  

Upon application it is true that with one swipe lips can be left slightly blotchy and not with an even finish, however a simple second coat gave the most incredible looking lips.  That's right, the shine is so big I'm surprise a magpie didn't go for my arm whilst swatching in the garden.

 (Left Daring Fuschia, Right Raspberry Pink)

(Left Daring Fuschia, Right Raspberry Pink)

Needless to say, the actual longevity of the products themselves, for a glossy lipstick, is pretty darn good!  I managed about 4 hours of eating, drinking and talking before my lips did start to lose the gloss finish and become slightly dry.  There's two ways to resolve this, either take the Aqua Laque with you on the go, or, take lip balm.  Once the gloss wears away your lips are still stained with the pigmentation so a quick dabble of lip balm will pack on some more dazzling power.

Overall I can say that yes the gloss is phenomenal, you're lips will dazzle as bright as the stars, the staying power is brilliant, and the despite having to build for a solid colour there is not a gloopy feeling in sight.   +Boots UK I'm coming back for more so see you soon!

What's your favourite shade from the new Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque?



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