Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Unite 7 Seconds Conditions : The ultimate hair saviour!

Washing your hair to get those luscious locks shiny and clean should be a relaxing process.  That is true, until you get to those pesky, painful tangles.  Stubborn things which can cause eye watering moments for many of us.

Unite, however, have provided all us knotty ridden humans with the ultimate hair saviour, 7 Seconds Conditioner.  A double bonus that it also leaves your hair feely nourished, silky and soft.

The aim of this product is a leave in conditioner which acts as a detangler.  Yes, it's time to put those pesky, annoying and extremely painful/annoying tangles at bay by teaching them a lesson or two!

To use this product is incredibly simple, wash your hair with your favourite shampoo and conditioner then leave to dry for a fraction.  When you are ready to brush your hair, refrain from reaching out to it for just one moment.  Instead, wrap your fingers around the 7 Seconds Conditioner bottle.  Whilst Unite suggest using between 4 and 6 pumps, I usually use around 8-10 as my hair is so thick.  Spray directly on to your hair the amount you feel works best, for finer hair I would use less as you don't want it to look greasy when dry.

I usually wait a few minutes for the conditioner to work it's magic and then now, yes now is the point where you can reach for your brush.  Take the brush through your hair and you shall find it glides through effortlessly.  As if magic has actually happened, prepare to be amazed at how much easier this brush is just flowing through your luscious locks.

The nozzle provides the perfect spray, evenly distributing the conditioner across your hair.  There's no worry of getting a product build up after each pump.

When you dry your hair, you shall also notice how incredibly shiny and super soft your hair is.  That's right, not only does it detangle and provide extra moisture to your hair.  It actually gives you shiny catwalk hair and hair as soft as silk!

Unite 7 Seconds Conditioner is quite difficult to get your hands on unless you are around in London.  However, Urban Retreat sell this online here for £16.90.  Mine arrived within 3 days in a beautifully presented canvas drawstring bag.

I have been using this for just over a month now and quite frankly do not understand why it took this long to purchase.  If you're wanting one hair saviour for your tangled locks after you've showered, look no further as Unite have created one cracker of a product!


PS. It even makes your hair smell irresistible...!

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