Thursday, 26 December 2013

Charlotte Tilbury : The Dolce Vita Review and Swatches

I have been absolutely raving about the Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection lately and I'm afraid it doesn't end here.  Allow me to introduce to my very good friend the Dolce Vita eye palette consisting of 4 luxurious and beautiful shadows, 1 for priming, 2 stunning warm and warm brown tones, leaving the last to be a glowing, shimmery brown 'pop' colour.

When I purchased this palette I was told it was proving to be the most popular palette, now, I can understand why...

Only over the past few months have I been experimenting with different eye shadows and this palette is just exquisite, my new favourite.  The priming colour has a lighter pigmentation whereas the darker colours hold their own and blend incredibly well.  Each shade holds its colour throughout the day, leaving no signs of creasing or fading, even after a 9 hour working day!

Everything about this product, beginning at the packaging captures your eyes, not only from the rich coloured case, but the information on the back.  Charlotte Tilbury has provided her customers with suggestions on how to use the palette, giving an indication on what each colour should be used for; primer, enhance, smoke and pop!  Using the shadows this way highlights how well they all work together and provides a startling look which can be adjusted for various times of the day.

It's time for some swatches:

In this palette I find myself using the enhance shade, a warm rich reddy brown colour,  near enough everyday - I absolutely love it!  It has incredibly pigmentation and can be used during the day for a simple eye, or built up and then smoked whilst adding some pop for the evening.

Me?  I have a pale complexion and dark brown eyes, the colours of The Dolce Vita complement my tones like chocolate complements Christmas!  Although these do work well with pale skin tones, the colours would suit any skin tone as they hold their pigmentation and are truly flattering.

If this palette is anything to go by I cannot wait to try some more from Charlotte's collection!  Whether you fancy a little treat for yourself or want to give someone a little beauty treat you can get these palettes from either the Charlotte Tilbury website or from Selfridges at £38.

I've had this beautiful palette for a few months now and the colours are lasting a lot better than other shadows I have, considering I use it everyday so don't be put off by the price tag, this really is a bargain, offering 4 stunning colours and a range of different looks.

Elaine xo


  1. This is sooo stunning!! I walked past Charlotte Tilbury's makeup in Selfridges recently and I was sooo tempted to get some of her products. Been looking at her Gold Bar highlighter and it looks lovely


    1. Happy Holidays Catherine :),

      Oh gees, next time just ignore that willpower to keep walking and get sucked in! All of her products are incredible, especially the gold bar, the sheen can be made subtle for a daytime look and built up for the evening. This is just the start of the icing on the cake with her products I kid you not...




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