Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Butter London: Guilty

Hiiiiii there folks, it's Tuesdaaaay!!

I need to spill a little secret...on the weekend as well as ordering some eye makeup remover I treated myself to 3 new Butter London nail varnishes. Alarm bells ring...this was naughty!!! I don't need anymore nail varnishes but boom-ting-aling my fingers clicked a few buttons and I had no say....?!

Allow me to introduce Chimney Sweep, Slapper and Toff each of which costs £13.

Please pretty please don't be put off by the prices of each bottle either because they really are truly fantastic. Butter London have thought of everything from presentation, to application and how to retain their customers...the final results are too good not to go grovelling back for more! The brushes provide exceptional coverage...two coats and you're done with a beautiful shine :). Drying doesn't even take too long, just lounge around and be careful then within no time at all you are free as a bee to do whatever you please!

I cannot wait to share the colour of these once they're on my nails with you! Keep your eyes peeled for the sneaky snapshots...

If you have any favourite Butter London nail varnishes I would love to hear your recommendations below :).

Have a wonderful week you lovely folks :).



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  1. Neat post and love the colour.
    Thank you so much for following me and following you back in return =)



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